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LimonAgaci developed a comprehensive CRM system for Topkapı Schools that provides advanced lead management, detailed reporting and seamless integration with their digital advertising efforts.


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About the client

Topkapı Schools, started their educational journey in 2005, distinguishing themselves through their founders and management staff of educators actively involved in all stages of the education process. With a team of expert Turkish and foreign teachers, they have adopted being a trustworthy institution that understands and correctly guides their students as their main philosophy.

They are well aware that teacher quality is the most important factor determining their educational quality, so they are careful in their teacher selection process. Being selected as Turkey's best Technology College by the Ministry of National Education is proof of their commitment to education.

Project overview

Topkapı Schools were in search of a CRM to manage their growing portfolio of parents and students. Upon reviewing the available CRM software solutions in the market, they found none suited their needs, which led them to approach us. We developed a CRM for them that not only allowed them to manage leads collected through digital advertising easily but also offered detailed reporting to track the process from start to finish. The software we developed includes an automatic lead entry system from digital advertising and allows them to monitor leads at every stage. Additionally, it features manual lead uploading and a call management center.

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