LimonAgaci developed an advanced e-commerce website for Anyong that integrates seamlessly with various marketplaces. This provides the cosmetics brand with a robust platform to showcase and sell its skin-friendly products.






UI/UX Design Front-end Development Back-end Development API Integrations Limoncms v2

About the client

Anyong is a cosmetics brand that produces and sells its own products in the global and Turkish market. Committed to using the most beneficial and effective ingredients for your skin, Anyong ensures its formulas are free from pore-clogging and harmful chemicals, and are carefully developed using plant-based and natural ingredients in Korean laboratories.

Project overview

Anyong required a sophisticated e-commerce website that could seamlessly integrate with various marketplaces. Understanding their needs, we at LimonAgaci developed a bespoke e-commerce platform, enabling Anyong to effectively showcase and sell its range of skin-friendly cosmetics. Now, whether customers are shopping directly from Anyong's website or through integrated marketplaces, they have easy access to Anyong's carefully curated products.




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