LimonAgaci designed and developed a specialized e-commerce platform for Heronbox, focused on the sale of social media packages. This new platform has been instrumental in enabling the agency to effectively market and sell their services.






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About the client

Heronbox is a professional social media agency, established in 2007 to offer expertise in digital marketing and social media. The company took its name from Heron, one of the greatest experimenters of the ancient world who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 10th century AD. By 2018, Heronbox started expanding its services to reach the global market. The agency has served more than 6,000 corporate companies and over 70,000 individual clients to date, always prioritizing customer satisfaction, making steady progress towards becoming Turkey's largest social media agency.

Project overview

Heronbox required a specialized e-commerce platform to effectively sell their social media packages. Given their specific needs, we at LimonAgaci undertook the task of designing and developing a customized e-commerce platform that would allow Heronbox to market and sell their services more effectively. As a result, Heronbox can now efficiently manage and track their social media package sales, contributing significantly to their progress towards becoming Turkey's largest social media agency.




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