Payan Restaurant

Reviving a forgotten mountain house with modern design and natural materials, Payan Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Their website, imbued with this special charm and crafted by LimonAgaci, mirrors the same meticulous attention to detail and atmosphere.






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About the client

Payan is a captivating steakhouse located in a beautifully restored mountain house amidst the lush forests on the Anatolian Side. Named after the Persian word meaning "end, result, limit," Payan not only offers an enchanting forest ambiance but also prides itself in providing the most exquisite cuts of meat and special weekend breakfasts.

Project overview

The client required an impactful website to showcase their unique restaurant experience and to establish their presence across Istanbul. In response to their needs, we embarked on developing a compelling website that would resonate with their brand's forest concept and high-end service. Our goal was to ensure that every visitor on their website, whether browsing on mobile or desktop, would get a true sense of Payan's exquisite offerings and enchanting ambiance, thereby increasing customer engagement and conversions.





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