3D Ground Detector App

LimonAgaci, in collaboration with Conrad Engineering, has developed a pioneering 3D Ground Detector App. Utilizing React Native, the app presents scanned areas in 3D and offers Bluetooth connectivity with the device.






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About the client

Conrad Engineering, in service since 1979, has been a leading innovator in the electronics sector and has focused on the field of metal detectors since 2001. Under the Conrad and internationally registered Groundtech brands, the company manufactures hobby detectors, deep search detectors, and 3D ground scanning detectors. Their products have gained an international presence, with exports going to the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Project overview

Conrad Engineering reached out to us with a specific requirement: the development of an application for their ground detectors that can provide a 3D visualization of the scanned areas. They also wanted this app to offer Bluetooth connectivity to the devices. Harnessing the power of React Native, we developed the 3D Ground Detector App to meet Conrad Engineering's needs. The app not only connects seamlessly to their devices via Bluetooth but also allows users to visualize scanned areas in three dimensions, which significantly enhances their user experience and functionality of the devices. This project showcases our expertise in creating tailor-made solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

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