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LimonAgaci developed a custom software solution for Emek Law Firm to facilitate the management and tracking of their clients' current accounts. After trying many commercial software options with no success, our tailored software solution met the specific needs of Emek Law Firm.


Emek Law Firm




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About the client

Emek Law Firm was founded in 2014 with a steadfast commitment to the principles of rights, justice, labor, and honesty. As a law firm offering public service as well as maintaining a private practice, Emek Law Firm recognizes the role of lawyers as a founding element of justice. They strive to defend and preserve their clients' rights within the framework of the Lawyer's Act and its granted powers, responsibilities, and outlined boundaries.

Project overview

Emek Law Firm approached us with a challenge they were facing in tracking their clients' current accounts amidst the cases they handle. Despite trying various off-the-shelf software options, none proved satisfactory. Understanding their specific requirements, our team at LimonAgaci developed a custom software solution. This helped the firm to manage their clients' accounts efficiently, thus overcoming their challenge and increasing operational efficiency.

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