Demir Kurumsal

Demir Kurumsal, a trailblazer in Turkey's beauty and hair salon industry, boasts a robust online presence designed and developed by LimonAgaci. Their website reflects their commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility.


Demir Kurumsal




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About the client

Since 2009, Demir Kurumsal has been a pivotal player in advancing Turkey's hair and beauty salon industry. With many firsts to their name, such as setting up the industry's first laboratory and working on the first patented products, they've managed to distinguish themselves from competitors. Besides their impressive turnover and export figures, Demir Kurumsal's market share, tax contributions, and employment creation in Turkey make it one of the largest companies in its industry. Their operations are guided by international standards for corporate governance, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Project overview

Demir Kurumsal approached LimonAgaci with the aim of creating an online platform that would mirror their leading status in the beauty and hair salon industry. The goal was to build a website that not only showcases their innovative services and patented products but also embodies their commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility. LimonAgaci took on the challenge, developing a user-friendly, informative, and aesthetically pleasing website that effectively conveys Demir Kurumsal's unique brand identity and values.




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