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Respecting people and the environment, Ayem Yachting champions innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. These principles are perfectly reflected in their website, brought to life by the expertise of LimonAgaci.




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About the client

Ayem Yachting is a premier yacht rental company with an exquisite, custom-built luxury motor yacht. The yacht, stretching 27 meters in length and 6.1 meters in width, offers the comfort of a hotel on the sea, with 3 VIP master rooms, a single room, and two specially decorated lounges at the front and rear. Accompanied by a professional, experienced, and friendly crew, Ayem Yachting ensures a memorable and relaxing vacation experience for their guests.

Project overview

The client sought to amplify their luxury sea vacation service through an elegant and user-friendly website that accurately represents their high-quality offerings. Our objective was to create an online platform that allowed users, whether on mobile or desktop, to navigate and book their lavish yachting experience seamlessly. The website needed to reflect the opulence of their yacht and the professionalism of their services, encouraging increased customer engagement and bookings.





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