SmallCargo, an international freight service provider, caters to a vast spectrum of clientele ranging from entrepreneurial homemakers to independent traders, e-commerce businesses, and large corporations. Their digital transformation was facilitated by LimonAgaci, resulting in an online presence that effectively showcases their industry-specific solutions.






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About the client

SmallCargo serves a broad spectrum of clients, from entrepreneurial homemakers and independent traders to e-commerce industries and large corporations. They offer specialized solutions to various sectors, including e-commerce, food, electronics, and many more. In addition to this, SmallCargo provides international freight services, simplifying cargo shipments to Europe, America, and Asian countries.

Project overview

SmallCargo sought to enhance their online presence in a way that not only showcased their wide array of services but also communicated their commitment to delivering top-notch, industry-specific cargo solutions. LimonAgaci took on the challenge to design and develop a website that effectively meets these requirements. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly platform that made it easy for clients from different industries and of various sizes to understand and utilize SmallCargo’s unique solutions for their specific shipping needs.





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